Actus: Handcrafted UI Sounds by CITYTRONIX (2021)

'Actus' is a sounds assets package that was conceived the past year, crafted explicity for those who are app and game developers, as well as personal utilisation such as sound alerts for broadcasters like Twitch, instant messengers, notifications, ringtones and even for music production! This project spans over 50+ UI sounds that caters to almost anybody's needs for some personality and flair for devine user experience; typing, notifications, alarms and many more. The pack is also supplied with an information booklet once purchased, which goes into more depth about the project and what it can be used for, alongside other contents such as some supplmentary artworks and an icon all grouped into sub-folders for easy navigation. Click the image to take a look at what the project offers!

Edited x WARE presents Vigilant

London based multidisplinary label Edited Arts and collective label WARE are jointly rebooting their first show post-pandemic. I'll be making my appearance doing a DJ set for the first time back-to-back with Aberdeen artist Kavari, alongside additional acts from HDMIRROR, rkss, TAAHLIAH, Hard On Yarn Sourdonk Communion and Klotang (group duo between Klahrk and Otang). Visuals on the night will be provided by RU and many more at the event.

The event will take place at The Yard Theatre in Hackney, London on 20th August between 9pm 'til late - tix is now available to cop via Resident Advisor, detailing more information of each artist performing on the night in the description. Just click the image to visit the page!

IDENT Exhibition with Schemata (2021)

'IDENT' is an exhibition run by Corsica Studios arts programme department Schemata that launched on 9th July (8pm UTC+01/BST). As part of the exhibition, I had responded with 6 sound pieces that are relative to the exhibition's motif (which is the questioning of identity), these were allocated within multiple spaces which are determined by proximity - all of which feel somewhat unsettling by it's disjointed and fractal traits, pulling apart of one's comfort zone with the utilisation low sub, noise and falling swoops.

Besides my own contribution, I am joined by the likes of Lewis G. Burton, Funkcutter, Hugo Harris, Sonia Levesque, Corie McGowan & Allan Struthers, Olivia Norris, SoBir Kollective, Chris Speed Visuals (also known as CSV) and Sammie Veeler, with accompany sets by AJA and Jennifer Walton.

Here's an excerpt statement of the event by Schemata: "IDENT looks to creating with intent. Evolving and forming our identity. What are we? What do we want to be? How do we move beyond? What can we take into the future and how do we make this a success for those artists we work with, our own concept of ourselves as a relevant and creative project and as a community endeavour. We’ve invited artists that we feel have a deep interest in personal and social identity and human physicality and It’s bounds, to bring works that they feel interpret identity in their own personal realm."

Click the image to enter the space now.

Payhip Store

I have revamped my very own Payhip store with a new design, now with added blog posts and contact section for those who wish to make enquiries or suggestions. Make sure you visit if you haven't gandered at my sample packs I've released previously, also keep your ears open and eyes peeled as I am hoping to roll out a special surprise in the pipeline relatively soon. Click the image to visit the site now.

Vortex closing party with Ware (2021)

As part of Corsica Studios' ongoing virtual exhibition series 'Vortex', hosted by Schemata's programme, I will be joining some of the artists of the WARE Collective roster to close the exhibition with some original cuts and edits - The following lineup (in no particular order) is KAVARI, Klahrk, Stolen Velour with accompanying A/V work by Jameela. The event will be taking place on 13th May at 8pm onwards (BST, UTC+1) / 3pm (EDT) / 9pm (CEST). The event is free entry so click the link to RSPV now and attend!

Bleed (Feat. Fae Tel) [CITYTRONIX Remix] by Lapsung {2021}

My remix of Bleed featuring vocals from Fae Tel is the opening and lead single to Lapsung's next record in the pipeline, arriving in June on Alpha Pup Records and artworked/crafted by Tea Strazicic. Majority of the elements within this piece have been sonically garbled, toyed with and manipulated from the stems that I was sent earlier this year, and this is the output! I'm very honoured to hold a piece of this entire beautiful record. Click the link to listen in, stream and buy!

Evo-natura Guest Mix w/ Klahrk on Ma3azef (2021)

Myself and Klahrk got appear on Ma3azef for avant-garde field recording label Evo-natura's residency show. My mix is aproximately half-hour long, featuring unheard/unreleased material and cuts from Hole, Throbbing Gristle, Oneohtrix Point Never, Otro, Madonna and Paul Lanksy to name a few. Tracklisting is provided on the description of my SoundCloud upload. Click the image to lock in and listen.

Solve (from the pop record 'Clockwork Chloe') by CityTronix [2021]

'Solve' is the second single from the forthcoming pop injected EP 'Clockwork Chloe', which is to be released in due course sometime later this year. This project was the last to be created and conceieved from the entire record and project, which I felt would be the last the represent the entire project until fully released.

Click the image to either listen in or buy the song.

Support my work on Patreon

I have now transferred all my content that had been formerly posted via Buy Me A Coffee onto my newly launched Patreon page. As it stands, this page will be dedicated to exclusive content to those who support or subscribe to my work [depending on which tier you subscribe to], entailing unreleased and released material, early-access releases, post announcements and access to sample packs to name a few. This will hopefully help with my creative endeavours and your generous contributions will be greatly appreciated! Click on the image to have a closer peek at my page.

I Found My Home by CityTronix (2021)

New release now available on major platforms and Bandcamp. You can gain access to the release when joining membership via platform Buy Me A Coffee, which can be found on the side panel of the page.
You can now save the release on Spotify, click the image to add to your playlist or library!

As featured on PC Music's Perfect Friday Collection from Lil Data's Bubble Sort playlist, 9th April 2021.

Trilite by CityTronix (2021)

'Trilite' is a demo compilation that was released on a whim, spanning from 2018 to 2021, containing just over an hours worth of material. The upload-only release has a variety of solid demos that were abandoned and unfinished, or corrupted. This release utilises a range of samples that are hard to register;

K's Choice 'Almost Happy', Porcupine Tree 'Piano Lessons', Enigma 'Return To Innocence', t.A.T.u. 'Not Gonna Get Us'

and many more... Click image to listen via SoundCloud.

Stranger (from the pop record 'Clockwork Chloe') by CityTronix [2020]

'Stranger' is the lead single from the forthcoming 'Clockwork Chloe' record, yet to be announced and confirmed.

"Stranger is a release from once which was initially released only on SoundCloud and birthed and blossomed throughout lockdown. It embarks on a new sound and territory for me, which carries heavy tropes of breakbeats and hypnogogic pop - a release - which entails a bold guitar hook that shimmers brightly throughout the choral arrangement with dizzying delays that delivers hypnosis and a sense of euphoria, mere vocal recordings addressing the chemistry of the unknown, and with some underlying synthwork and patchwork."
Click the image to listen in or buy the song.

Bxst Friends (from the EP 'MB1') by CityTronix [2020]

'Bxst Friends' is a new single taken 'MB1', an exclusive five-track EP which I will be releasing via Buy Me a Coffee platform on 18th December just for members. Come and join membership to access this EP in full, which will also comprise of additional bonus materials and original photos in the making of this project and a visual thank you note. Click the image to listen in or visit my support page.

Now transferred onto my Patreon page, which can be found on my grid feed

Support my work on Buy Me A Coffee

I have launched a page dedicated to exclusive content to those who support or subscribe to my work, entailing unreleased and released material, early-access releases, post announcements and access to sample packs to name a few. This will hopefully help with my creative endeavours and your generous contributions will be greatly appreciated! Click on the image to have a peek at my page.

Fall by CityTronix (2020)

Fall is an electronica hypnogogic pop track that is my first stepping stone into the pop calibre under the pseudonymn, retracing my roots as a vocalist from my earlier years. Now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms. Click the image to head to the portal.

As featured on DUMMY's BEDROOM POP + BRAND NEW playlist.

C³ (Classified Club Cuts) by CityTronix [2020]

A compilation release as part of the annual multimedia/all-encompassing medium package from WARE. I've assembled cuts and rehashes, featuring the likes of Urban Cookie Collective, Lily Allen, Arca, Martika, Nelly Furtado, Fatboy Slim and many more... One additional mystery track can be downloaded via WARE Bandcamp page! Click the image to listen in on the compilation.

Activia Frenz Vol. II (2020)

I partook in a compilation release with 'Glare Thru Glass', and with the likes of Kai Whiston, Iglooghost, Slugabed and many more. This 24-track LP is up for grabs though donations are also welcomed. The release wholefully revels in moments of sound play, other times a little bit of satire, but all in all encompassing a rich diversity of genres and incredibly colourful sound design. Click the image to visit the Bandcamp page!

Greenhouse Grenade by CityTronix (Released in 2019, Distributed in 2020)

Greenhouse Grenade is an electronica track I created and released initially via SoundCloud, thereafter - after some time - I distributed the track on 3rd March on all major services and platforms. Unlike many other songs, this one particularly utilised more hardware equipment such as the D-50 roland synthesiser that I'd recorded and using more outboard equipment, it is by far one of my most cherished pieces. Click on the image to choose your preferred platform to listen!

Whisper (Klahrk & CITYTRONIX Remix) by Himera & Jel: The Digital Dream Girl [2020]

An official remix with Klahrk, released and premiered on 28th Feburary 2020 via SoundCloud. We initiated this project circa October 2019. The piece contains heavy tropes of Jungle music, with bombastic kicks underneath sprightly breakbeats throughout, vocals that shear, shrill pad-like atmospheres, there's no denial in the fact that sonic exploration is being retained sonic, with elements of sound programming involved. Click the image to tune in!

As featured on Internet Public Radio, guest mix from Meowww.

Never Decay Compilation Vol. 1 (2020)

Never Decay is a project label founded by THEY-RA, shortly after the election in the UK in order to raise funds for homelessness within the LGBTQ+, etc. Mine and Klahrk's song 'Plastic Womb', is due to be released on 31st January amongst others such as onlytom, SHE Spells Doom, India Jordan, Alex Index, Lighght and many more. The proceedings from this compilation will go towards The Outside Project. Click to read more info and listen to the premiere by Teya Logos & Lvers.

As featured on Fango Radio's 'We Will Fall' monthly mix series; Zuli's residency on NTS', guest appearance by Kornet.

As featured on LCY's DJ set appearance at London Tower Bridge, London Unlocked presented by Fabric

Guest Mix on Madjestic Kasual

I crafted a mix for Madjestic Kasual's bi-monthly 'A Mix' series. This features original and unheard cuts, bootlegs and edits - from artist such as Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones, NKC, Sega Bodega, Oli XL, Smerz, ANOHNI and more... Tracklisting can be found on the image provided. Click to listen in!

Sample Pack V 1.2 (2019)

My second sample pack release as a follow up to it's predecessor, featuring more extensive library of sound for music producers and artists to use in any fashion possible! In addition to this, limited bundle offer of both latest and original sample pack at 20% discount can be found on Sellfy.

  • 106MB in total
  • 16-bit WAV format
  • compressed/ZIP file
  • Ikr. Imprint on NTS

    A feature of my own two songs were showcased on NTS' radio show 'Ikr. Imprint' as of October 2nd; 'Inked Streams', the opener single release to the 3-track EP 'Chamber', and an excerpt of 'Ambient Soundscape', taken from 'Virtual Earth, Physical Machine' - a research album project I conducted for my 7-month period study at CCCU. Click to tune in!

    WARE 2019

    As part of our 2-year anniversary of WARE, we released a free download bundle full of material from Klahrk, Otang, Himera, Waller and many more. I made the contribution with DJ tools for utilisation for club-orientated events specially, but also for others to use within our personal listening or sets. Click the image to redirect to the homepage of WARE in order to access the multimedia pack!

    Irama Foyer by CityTronix (2019)

    A 'stream-only' 12-minute sequence that features original cuts and edits spanning from MeLo-X, Klahrk, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, DJ Sliink, Wale and Skrillex.

    "If I can say anything about their latest mixtape, IRAMA FOYER, however, it would simply be that it seems to fulfill a promise that a lot of electronic music has been trying to make over the past few years." - Noisedart

    "Phenomenal energy" - Our Culture Mag

    "Really fascinating style and production" - EARMILK

    Previously featured on DUMMY's BRAND NEW playlist.

    Sunday Sauce by Ellzo (2019)

    A song arrangement and production by Ellzo previously showcased as part of the Boiler Room Crowdsourced Sample Pack demo reel, features my sample from the beginning onwards. Free download is also available.

    Startup Sound by CityTronix (2019)

    I created a shortform piece tailored for booting up systems of any kind, with anyone who wishes to use it! All sound design in this 10 second piece is of my own recordings. Click image to recieve a download of the ditty.

    Crowdsourced Sample Pack by Boiler Room (2019)

    I am one of the over 100 contributors who has samples featured within this sample pack for Boiler Room. This is malware and royalty-free for any creators to use within their own work. My sample can also be heard around the 43 second mark of the demo reel, which has been arranged and produced by Ellzo.

    Chamber by CityTronix (2019)

    This is an extended play exclusively released via Bandcamp on the 7th June 2019. Moreover, this is comprised of four tracks in which involves attributes of classical, experimental and electronica. Digital purchase is now available.

    'Translucence' featured on Cralias' Guest Mix on Soul Feeder's SF.MIX series.

    Inked Streams by CityTronix (2019)

    This is a single release taken from my continuous mix EP 'Chamber', featuring tropes of classical that weaves throughout a taste of electronica, and to in summation,

    "is an interlude that paces rapidly with melodies that shimmer over the top with its mechanical attack-y texture, like a stab to a fragile piece of glass that bursts into a glitterball".

    As featured on NTS' bi-monthly show programme 'Ikr. Imprint'; Frisky Radio' monthly show 'Nomos Sessions', hosted by Seb Dhajje; Balamii Radio Guest Mix by Merci Jitter; Rinse FM's (France) 'Takeover Illegal Tapes' series, Guest Mix by Aeon Shaker b2b Keki

    Viscount by Altcoin (2019)

    Viscount is a five member collaborative project album in which entails music from myself, Klahrk, Waller, Tal-bot, Glimji Hideout and Otang; one of the releases have been premiered on AQNB. Designs are by Jack Clarke and are physically purchasable as Minidiscs.

    As featured on Frisky Radio' monthly show 'Nomos Sessions', hosted by Seb Dhajje.

    Guest Mix w/ Norfik, Radio Show With Cralias on Datafruits

    I constructed a mix for Cralias for his residency with Datafruits, filled with bootlegs, cuts and edits of others works. My guest mix was also joint by Norfik, a signee on TAR. Click to lock in and listen!

    Bioinstrument Project (2019)

    Another collaborative project I'm forging with Kanye West, Bjork and FKA Twigs producer and musician Arca. I've been programming modules and units within Ableton to create music with motion tracking. Watch this space.

    Judas Kiss (2019)

    A shortform hard drum single that was released on 22nd March, containing tropes of deconstructed club and abstract textures with dissonant, fuzzy and warm kicks and instruments. Click the image to listen in.

    As featured on Zuli's residency on NTS', guest appearance by Fausto Mercier.

    Virtual Earth, Physical Machine (2019)

    A 40-minute sequence 'research album' I made in which I stress the hybrid relationship between reality and artificiality - the morphology between physical space and synthetic space. This is a packaged album with a synopsis, references, appendices and supplementary artwork as part of the project, available to download via Bandcamp.

    This project was formed as part of my study at Canterbury Christ Church, which was conducted over a 7-month period.

    As featured on NTS' bi-monthly show programme 'Ikr. Imprint'.

    Ambient Works (Anniversary Edition) [2019]

    This is a reissued compilation album distributed through WARE, which is now available on Spotify and other services. Supplementary and bonus tracks to the original tracklisting can only be found on a limited run of cassettes.

    Dis The Ability (2018)

    This is a visual piece I made for a multimedia compilation release named WARE 2018. This piece is largely focused with the obstacles of life for women - biologically, mentally and emotionally - in an ingrained patriarchal infrastructure, and instead I hope to shine a light on their strength and pain threshold in the world; childbirth, menstuation, postpartum psychosis, waxing, threading hair, foot fatigue and objectification.

    The inspiration of this piece stemmed from Nancy Sinatra; I find her image, work ethic and music career to be compelling. Her whimsical and lighthearted mannerisms feel like the best traits you can obtain to conquer the worlds issues of being a woman.

    Dripped in Fear by CityTronix (2018)

    Dripped in Fear is one of the opening single releases of WARE 2018, distributed exclusively to SoundCloud and in the format of a USB containing multimedia works from a variety of artists tapping into culture, politics and philosophy. This is one of very first official releases that features dub recordings of my own vocals - lonely and ghost-like cavenous phrases without the use of words in hopes to represent the feeling rather than a direct message complimented with it's dark pads and occasional industrial and pure tones running throughout. Click to lock in and listen!

    As featured on Slugabed's Guest Mix on Bleep.

    Lo-fi Trap by Jameson Hodge (2018)

    I was given a task to create a short snippet of music, implementing Jameson's samples within a portion of his demo reel for Noiiz (Samplephonics), alongside additional sound works from my own sound design.

    Fruitfuck (Klahrk Remix) by CityTronix (2018)

    Ben Clarke, as known under the pseudonymn Klahrk, created a remix for the original and unreleased 'Fruitfuck', in which compliments and melds with the textures of my synthetic squeals and percussive elements overloaded with Klahrk's bombastic and fizzy basses that runs throughout the piece. Click the image to take a listen!

    Sample Pack (2018)

    A sample pack containing all essentials for music producers and artists to use and abuse within their own productions and compositions; 10 kicks, 27 one-shot percussion, 15 one-shot FX, 8 basses, 3 pads, 4 loops and 2 miscellaneous.

  • 93.8MB in total
  • 16-bit WAV format
  • compressed/ZIP file
  • Tour Dates

  • Upcoming Tour Dates

  • ...

  • Past Tour Dates

  • 25th January 2018 - London - Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, SE14 6TY London, United Kingdom / 20:00 til 03:00

  • 14th February 2019 - Bristol - The Mothers Ruin, 7-9 St Nicholas St, BS1 1UE Bristol, United Kingdom / 20:00 til 02:00

  • 22nd February 2019 - Munich - Common Ground, Zschokkestraße 36, 80687 München, Germany / 20:00 til 04:00

  • 19th April 2019 - London - Rye Wax, 133 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST London, United Kingdom / 23:00 til 05:00

  • 7th June 2019 - London - The Glove That Fits, 179 Morning Lane, E96LH London, United Kingdom / 21:00 til 01:30

  • 8th June 2019 - Brighton - Loading, 11 Lower Promenade, Madiera Drive, BN2 1ET Brighton, United Kingdom / 23:00 til 03:00

  • 13th June 2019 - Leeds - Wharf Chambers, Ground Floor, 23 - 25 Wharf Street, LS2 7EQ Leeds, United Kingdom / 21:00 til 02:00

  • 28th June 2019 - Bristol - The Old England, 43 Bath Buildings, BS6 5PT Bristol, United Kingdom / 20:00 til 01:00

  • 11th July 2019 - London - Rye Wax, 133 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST London, United Kingdom / 22:00 til 02:30

  • 18th December 2019 - London - The Four Quarters, 187 Rye Lane, SE15 4TP London, United Kingdom / 20:00 til 01:00

  • Past Online Show Dates

  • 21st April 2020 - @ Hidden//Realm 'Opening', 16:00 (BST)

  • 7th May 2020 - @ WARE 'Waller - Unacknowleged Echoes Listening Party', 19:00 (BST)

  • 12th September 2020 - @ CRUSH Radio 'A Crush Life', 18:20 til 23:20 (BST)

  • 18th September 2020 - @ WARE 360, 19:00 til 00:30 (BST)

  • Beyond (CITYTRONIX Remix) by Jameson Hodge & Waller [2017]

    I did a remix as part of a B side for Jameson Hodge & Waller's 'Form' mini-album, a release via Insight Music. The album is distributed digitally and physically in CD format, which is available to purchase on Insight Music's webpage.

    Calling For Your Warmth by CityTronix (2015)

    In 2015 I became a fraction of / and made my debut release via the collective "Purity", formed by Kaizen and Yoe Mase. The release itself managed to amass over 100k listens on SoundCloud (and counting), whilst also recieving approval from a number of artists and average listeners. The track itself is progressive house - with sweet plucked melodies, pitched cavernous vocal cuts and smooth basslines. Click the image to take a listen!

    Melancholia by Konnektion (2015)

    Initially released in 2015, Konnektion was another psuedonym I created as part of a side project that was later abolished. The first release under Konnektion, 'Melancholia', has had widespread recognition consequently exceeding a million views collectively on YouTube alone, and used most notably by YouTube user Jordan Clark with her DIY uploads. Click this image to watch the video.


    Drew Holliday, aka CITYTRONIX is an electronica based musician, programmer and visual artist based in United Kingdom. CITYTRONIX first conceived music creation at her earliest years, primarily arranging pieces of soundbites and MIDI riffs on numerous PlayStation platform releases namely Music 3000 and MTV Music Generator 2 - it is with no doubt that CITYTRONIX has always been an avid sound explorer and audiophile.

    CITYTRONIX's sound is a form of communicating her timelines in life, by capturing sound souvenirs in which has moulded her identity in both crisis and reassurance - encompassing pop music culture, documentaries, sound triggers, low fidelity YouTube videos, objects and just about anything you can imagine or envisage. Sound reaches no bounds, especially when it comes to what is felt within — it is limitless.

    If you'd like to contact me for enquiries, bookings and any other commissions such as sound design and composition, hover over to the email icon, or email -

    Support my Work

    I have launched a page dedicated to what lies beneath what I publically release. By becoming a member or supporter of my work you'll be able to access unreleased material, behind the scenes, posts and announcements, sample packs, early-access and many other perks. Ever since the global outbreak and a greater strain on the welfare and wellbeing, I decided to come to the conclusion of creating a donation/fund page, in which will help tremendously with my creative endeavours and so forth. Click the button below if you're interested to become involved and get your teeth into my extended work beyond the public domain.


    Developed by Drew Holliday